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April 28, 2016

I breathed in an unhealthy dose of fly spray today while spraying the ceiling of my garage.  Unfortunately, I think the flies enjoyed the “fly death spray”. In fact, I think the can should have been labeled as fly food because I unloaded half of the can last night in a supposed killing frenzy. There are about 1000 new flies today. In compete humility and defeat, I called in the experts. (I’m picturing blow torches and pure torture. This makes me happy.)

Regardless of our actions – there are always reactions, a lot of times bigger than us. I remember in college at a Diamond Dave’s in Iowa City, I felt it took too long to get my order of Macho Nachos, so when it finally came I aggressively squirted about a cup of hot sauce in a bowl and it ricocheted completely back in my face. Everyone (except me) had a very good time with this. 


My word for the year is engage. I’ve tried to remember what my motivation was for choosing this word, and I think at the time it was about vacation and fun, but as I examine my past reactions to situations I’m reflecting differently on this word. The secondary definition has more to do with participation.  How do I participate in situations? Do I come with aggressiveness or strong opinion when grace and mercy could be employed instead? Instead of being angry at the fly, what brought it to my garage ceiling in the first place? Instead of being angry at Diamond Dave’s (was I starving?  Probably not) for not getting my Macho Nachos timely could I have reacted differently? How I participate in times of crisis sets the tone and mood of those around. Take anger, replace with joy; spread liberally.*


Joy removes difficulties. Joy is to our service as oil is to the wheels of a railroad car. Without oil the axle grows hot and accidents occur. If there is no holy joy to our wheels, our spirit will soon be clogged with weariness.  C.H. Spurgeon


*except for the flies, they all need to die.


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO


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