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May 7, 2015

Someone was complaining somewhere recently about starting a sentence with “So ….”  I do this often, and two things come to mind. One, “Complainers, get a life!” This comment came from the “2 Cents Worth” column in the Des Moines Register. People have been putting their 2 cents worth of “advice” in this newspaper for years – usually unsigned snarky reflections on things that make no difference in their lives. My thought is that these people need more to do – perhaps a hobby or volunteering. Two, when I start a story or conversation with “So …,” it (in my mind) is like extending a friendly dialog between friends. Nothing bad nor anything to really complain about.

Yesterday a friend said to me, “What if you went into every situation knowing that the outcome will be wonderful – and treat the whole situation in a positive way because of the anticipated outcome.” My initial thought was, “Then I can never be in a bad mood.”  I told her that I have a noticeable absence of anxiety as of late and she said, “Great!” before I could get out the rest, “and my balance is all out of whack.” I told her that for about a decade I’ve fueled my daily activities on a sense of anxiety-ridden urgency. “That           doesn’t sound extremely healthy.” Since last year – actually 9 going on 10 months ago – I underwent the gastric sleeve operation and I’ve been successful in losing weight, but I didn’t think through all the other benefits. My blood pressure is down, and I am more calm; hence, less anxiety. With less anxiety my outlook is more positive, and I’m happier.  This has completely thrown me out of balance. It’s good, yes, but it is still weird.


When TV is boring or nothing is on (my 500 channels), I can usually find a Dr. Phil show.  (One channel constantly streams the Dr. Phil show.)  What I have learned is that there are some seriously unhappy and challenged people in this world who would do most anything to be in a calm, positive, and happy place.  However, I bet if you took one of these folks and plopped them into a great place, they’d find something to complain about. My goal is to be happy in my space and be grateful for the gifts I have been given – even if I am not fueled by angst.


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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