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Notes from Steve

April 5, 2021

In Des Moines there is this restaurant called St. Kilda.  A breakfast choice there is mushroom toast - a big piece of sourdough bread slathered with some sort of cheese spread, then topped with a bunch of sautéed mushrooms and a poached egg.  This is the most amazing creation of food ever.  I have no idea why I ordered it because it doesn’t sound good, but it is!

I was talking with someone recently about stuff in life that I am completely opposed to trying and wondered if maybe I should rethink my perspective.  “Like biking,” she said.  “You never would have even tried biking years ago and now look at you!”  True that. 

Covid forced us to try things that we probably never would have before, and we’re different because of it.  Zoom for one.  I’m comfortable now doing videos because I’ve had a lot of practice.  Binge watching and reading - didn’t have time pre-covid … I saw some great shows and read awesome books over this past year. 

Being humble, and being open to different ideas and perspectives, allows us to grow and evolve as humans.  “Never say never” and “doubt your doubts” have always been hard sayings to follow, but if we only did what we always do, we’d never get anywhere.  

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