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November 17, 2016

I got one cat.  I’m calling him Buddy even though the animal rescue league named him Elvis.  Elvis is not a cat name, and I’m not calling my cat Elvis*.  I originally was going to get two buddy cats, but they were really painfully shy to the point of hissing and hiding, and even though they needed a good home, it wasn’t mine.  Buddy seemed genuinely interested to go with me, and I felt guilty for turning down the other two, so I took him.  He is a one year old black cat with claws and a desire to fight hard in the form of “play”.  (I’ll show you the scars.  Sigh.) 


The big party (that happens around the holidays but we can’t call it a Christmas party even though …) is this Friday, and the employee celebrations committee decided that it would be a wonderful thing to auction off pies to be thrown in the faces of senior leaders. (Top 3 vote-getting senior leaders get pied.)  Yes.  Lovely.  I think the majority of the tickets bought are by senior leaders for other senior leaders… yes … lovely …


The election last week is still taking some getting used to.  I’m neither angry nor hurt, or elated or excited … I am interested in how President Elect Trump will actually “drain the swamp” and operate the government in a very non government fashion.  Will Medicare be affected?  Will Critical Access Hospitals be impacted?  From a selfish perspective, how will this impact our lives and jobs?  Because we are extremely and completely dependent upon the fragile system in place – if efficiencies are to be found in how we work daily, it could be impactful to the point of scary.  I wish I could be confident that all will be well, but I’m not.  Stay tuned I guess.


*We had cupcake wars at the hospital here years ago, and I made Elvis cupcakes - Banana Foster cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and bacon sugar.  All thought up and made by me, and even though they weighed about 1.5 pounds each, I thought they were amazing.  I lost big time and still carry a grudge.  Hence, not an Elvis fan. 


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