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April 26, 2021

There is this site on Facebook called “the Dodo”.  It shows short videos on rescuing animals.  It’s overwhelmingly good.  The puppies and kittens, and birds and other animals, are in a place of desperation and people film themselves rescuing them.  A lot of times a human puts the animal in that horrid situation, and I can’t help but think “what type of person … ?”  It makes me sad for humanity. 

In the past month or so, there was a situation in New York City (I think) where an elderly woman got beaten up outside of a business and no-one called 911.  No-one.  Not sure if everyone thought someone else would call, or they just didn’t feel it was their business to get involved.  I would like to think I live by the motto of “if I see something, I say something” and if I saw an animal in need, I’d intervene … but there have been situations where I didn’t get involved and for that I feel shame. 

Being a good human requires more than being nice.  In my very humble opinion, a good human is someone who reaches outside of their comfort zone to help others. Whether it’s financial help or calling to report something suspicious or rescuing that baby kitten -- it’s doing something.  Feeling bad and or shame later on is God’s way of saying, you should have …

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