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Notes from Steve

April 20, 2017

Me stuff: 
1.    I took my cat back to the animal rescue league on Saturday.  We just weren’t a fit.  My bloodied and battered limbs thank me … hopefully, the cat will find some other household that can appreciate his energy.  I feel like a massive loser, regardless.   
2.    I came in first place in my age division on the 5K, Saturday.  I was the only person in guys between 50-59.  I’m still wearing my medal though.  

So I’m trying to wreak out some lesson in my five months with Buddy the cat*.  This isn’t the first time I took an animal back to a shelter because of a lack of a bond.  Or released someone from my employ, or left a situation that wasn’t working … or returned something back to the store because it wasn’t right.  I could just buck it up and make it work but sometimes, divorcing yourself from a relationship (be it and animal, friend, partner, whatever) is the healthy thing for all.  I remember once an employee who was let go from the hospital came back later and said it was the best thing ever in her life.  “We just weren’t meant to be, I was destined to have my journey elsewhere, and that’s … all … right.”  I think a turning point for me when I make a decision to part is to reflect on my emotions when I am around something.  If my perspective is one of fear or anger or depression, consistently and constantly, then I need to act.  Either improve or change. 

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