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April 13, 2017

The 17th annual run at the lake is taking place this Saturday.*  The family is running with me – my one nephew is claiming that this will indeed kill him.  I told him we’ll just roll his body into the lake after he perished.  He said he always thought burial at sea would be nice.  So join us in the fun!

My coach and I talked “the tip of the iceberg” today.  So often we only know the surface – especially in this day of social media and fast moving facts.  Do we pick and choose the information and the selective facts that prove our stories correct?  I do … and I’m sure you all do as well.  I’ve been actively and consciously (as of late) trying to see all sides and outcomes of a situation before making a decision.  This is not easy.  So with a hospital – we advocate for the patient.  “What’s best for the patient?” should dictate any and all decisions.  Being normal human beings, our egos sometimes get in the way of our decision making abilities.  Sometimes we advocate for our position because it’s our idea and our own ideas are typically the best**.  However, if we always make decisions that in the end increase the quality and service of this organization (obviously while making sure it makes financial sense); ultimately giving better quality and care to our customers (patients, visitors, volunteers, employees, providers, community), then we can’t go wrong. 

Way easier said than done.  So many variables go into each and every decision.  The big question to me is “how”?  I remember years ago in (maybe) a Reader’s Digest short story it talked about a guy who when he went home at night after work did this thing before going in the house.  The “thing” was he was going through the motions of hanging something up before going in the house.  A neighbor who saw this activity asked him what’s he’s doing.  “I have lots of issues and problems at work that my family doesn’t need to be bothered with.  So every night I hang them up here outside of my house and relieve myself of all those troubles that are weighing me down and used to weigh my family down, because I used to bring them home.  I pick them back up the next morning when I go to work, but when I’m at home, they stay outside on their hook.”  When dealing with decisions, we need to leave our outside concerns outside.  The only variables we should bring to the table when making decisions are the objective facts that deal with this specific thing.  It’s cleaner that way.

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**lifelong motto of mine

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