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December 8, 2016

My words for 2017 are “Embrace yes with grace.”  Essentially, accept and welcome change without freaking out.  My other resolutions are no cookies, candy, ice cream, chips and no appetizers before meals.  I’m great with everything except the no appetizers.  That will be my struggle (at this new restaurant Vivian in Des Moines the appetizer of calamari is some of the best ever …).  The other potential struggle is that I am not responsible for all change.  I don’t particularly like change that I have not designed and implemented.  BUT I have to embrace and accept with grace … ugh.  

My new cat is ripping the heck out of my legs and arms*.  He feels that it is “fun” and we are “playing”.  I gently point out the blood, and I calmly tell him that this is not fun for me.   I do this without anger because 1. He is still a young cat and 2. The internet said to do it this way – “lovingly modify his behavior”.  (I’m now wearing long sleeves, jeans and boots inside).  What seems to drive him particularly crazy is my cleaning of his litter box as if to say “I went to all that work and now you’re flushing it down the toilet??!?”   …embrace with grace …


I went to this Christmas concert thing at Wells Fargo Arena the other night.  Never been there before and I usually try with every fiber in my being to avoid all things Christmas, but I gotta tell you – it was amazing.  This guy from the voice – Jordan Smith – sang and dang, that boy can sing!  It was really just awesome, and since I can’t have a Christmas tree (it was up for 5 minutes before the cat started shredding it and knocked it over), this was the perfect thing to shove me into the mood of the holidays.  


Christmas (embrace), New Year’s resolutions (yes), new friends (cat … grace), new president (grace) – it’ll potentially be the best year ever.  


*He bit my forehead yesterday


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