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July 21, 2016

I was at Dr. Nagel's going away parties yesterday, and I was moved by the amount of love in the different venues for a guy who truly and absolutely impacted everyone he touched. First in the afternoon, his legions of patients stood in line and expressed their sadness for his departure - one of those I served cake to asked about the towels. "Towels?" I asked, "For the tears," she said. Later, I stopped at

undergrounded for the get together for the staff and colleagues of Dr. Nagel over his last three decades of practice. The atmosphere was full of love and admiration. Tim, Denise and their dozens of children will be sorely missed. (Hey Nagels, if Colorado doesn't show you the love like Clarion, you know there is always a place for you back here!)


It was a hot summer night in August of 1983, the day before I left for college six hours away from home. I remember hugging my friend Pam in front of my house, crying. The tears came from sadness of leaving the past, but also they were tears of joy and anticipation for the future. I think of this moment often ... the small space of change is not comfortable. It is both terrifying and exhilarating. As we work to fill the gap of Dr. Nagel, we move forward with the business at hand. Our job is to attempt to find the person or persons who will step into some pretty big shoes and continue his legacy of excellence and caring. It's possible, not immediately probably ... but we're looking. That odd uncomfortable space is there for all of us. 


Our process in recruiting staff - all staff - is to tell our story. Our story is one of teamwork. Our story is one of love. Our story is unique and special. At every orientation and contract signing, we congratulate our newest member of the family because they are joining a family that like all families (sometimes dysfunctional) sticks together like glue. We have each other's back. As we maneuver this odd healthcare environment - made infinitely more tough by non- healthcare noise, (regs, reimbursements, EMR's, and lawyers*) - we must remember our bond and not let the noise ruin our unique story. 


On this hot midsummer day, let's be excited for our family members as they move on to different journeys, let's welcome our new family members with excitement and enthusiasm, and above all, let's fight the good fight and continue to be the best place for providers to practice, employees to work, and patients to receive care!


*sorry Reagan


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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