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Notes from Steve

March 29, 2021

The universe feels weird right now. To me - it feels very chrysalis like. As we emerge from the pandemic (sooner or later) like the new butterfly from cocoon -- our reality will be different. Everyone’s situation (from their outlook to the way they live their lives) will be pandemically* modified.   

I know … I sound like a broken record. But this is a big time in our lives. I posed the question to a bunch of different folks with different backgrounds over the past week -- “how will society view 2020 in 10 years, in 20 years and beyond?” The answers were all over the map but one in particular stunned me. “Oh, something else big will happen to push it out of the way.” Ok, hopefully it’ll be after I’m dead, because if it’s bigger and worse than last year, I don’t want to be around for it.

Bottom line, with the video up top and 2020 in the rearview mirror … if now isn’t the time for grace and understanding then I just don’t know when it would be. Whether it’s paying forward in deeds or reward and recognition in an over the top way … or just not being judgmental and snarky and a bully - choose the kindest path possible.

As we emerge from the cocoon, let’s do it in the right way.


*not a word, yet.

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