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March 22, 2021

I set a goal to watch the Harry Potter movies.  I never saw any of them.  My analysis is they’re really good.  My friend, Cheryl, never allowed her daughter to eat junk food.  When her daughter was seven or eight, she visited the elderly neighbor couple who promptly fed her Doritos.  “Mom - have you ever had Doritos?  They’re amazing!”  Ignorance is blissful until you know the truth. 

My diet started on the first of March and ever since then, I’ve been weighing in and ruining most days with what is my reality.  However, knowledge of this buzz killing reality has made me more accountable to my actions.  I’m not eating in the morning or night and for the most part; I’ve avoided junk food - and also, I’ve been working out like a fiend.  I went for a 45 mile bike ride this last Saturday and some guy came up behind me and said my bike was making noise.  I imagined my bike’s thought bubble … “you would too if he was riding on your back”.  My solution (until I lose the weight) is to turn up my music*. 

There’s good truth - like Doritos and Harry Potter movies and then bad truth - like weight and scary news.  And sometimes it makes you happy and sometimes it makes you sad.  But - all the time, the news will probably make you stronger and sometimes knowing will lead to change.  And change is inevitable.  You can turn your back on the truth.  You can choose not to hear or make up excuses, but the bottom line is, the truth is the truth whether you like it or not. 

*in high school I drove the 1974 Dodge Dart and it made a lot of not good noises.  My solution was to turn up my AM radio to the point of blowing the speakers. 

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