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March 15, 2021

I’m getting new mattresses and box springs today.  My nephew asked “when was the last time you replaced them?”  According to the Better Sleep Council, you should replace your mattresses every 7-10 years.* I did not know this - I thought they were new, but they are actually probably 10 years old at least.  I heard Micki (Disney) was mattress shopping, and I trust her so I called the place where she was buying a mattress and told them to deliver two to me.  “Don’t you want to try them out?”  Unless I’m planning on staying overnight at the furniture store, I’m not going to have any clue.   I’m still not sure I like or hate my current mattresses.  

Most things in life for me are a crap shoot.  I really have no clue whether I’m going to like a bottle of wine or a restaurant.  I usually think if a restaurant is full, that’s a good sign … or the label on a wine bottle is cool and it costs “x” dollars, it’s probably good.  Neither one of these is a good sign of quality.  

I remember one a time a doc was telling me that recruiting friends and family to work at your organization is a great thing because (assuming you have a healthy, functional relationship) if you recommend your place of work to someone you care about, that’s saying a lot.  You want them to share in your good fortune.  For me, it’s the same with reviews from friends or family.  They are usually honest and will tell me the truth.  

If you guys have good experiences with your job or as a patient, feel free to share.**  You probably have more influence than you know.

*this is a council I would love to serve on because I think it sounds awesome.  (I picture pillows and pajamas as gifts to the council members)  
**my new term is “ish-fluencer” … like the Instragram “influencer” but for us.  I think it’s brilliant.  The ish-fluencer will be the person who deems something awesome and others follow.  (like an ish Oprah)

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