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March 1, 2021

I just bought this book “Loving What Is”.*  One of the first things I read in the book was to start becoming aware of my stories.  For me this is important because I tell myself stuff all the time.  I believe most of it and sometimes, if something isn’t interesting enough, I’ll probably add some flavor.  I know I’m not alone in this because stories (far from the original truth) run deep in today’s society.  

Remember the Life cereal Mikey commercial from the 70s?  “He won’t eat it he hates everything … HE LIKES IT - HEY MIKEY!”  There was a rumor in 1975 that Mikey had died from eating Pop Rocks and drinking Coca Cola - his stomach or head exploded the story goes (FYI - he’s alive and well; it was just a rumor).  Basically ruined Pop Rocks.  Society believed the rumor and General Mills, the company who owned Pop Rocks, literally buried the remaining supplies.*
I was looking at the numbers of Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics staff who have refused to be vaccinated.  It’s exactly 50% right now.  Of those refusing the vaccine - some people have valid concerns regarding their past experience with vaccinations or other health related reasons and others believe something else.  A couple members of the community asked me if we require employees at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics to get vaccinated for Covid or flu or whatever.  “No we don’t” … I said.  They replied that we should be the examples (as in get vaccinated) and how are they supposed to feel comfortable bringing their elderly parents out to Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics if a large percentage of staff refused to be vaccinated?  I didn’t have a good answer.  

We’re in healthcare.  Our work is providing care to people.  Some people feel that the vaccine isn’t worth the potential side effects.  Or if they catch Covid, they are healthy and the illness probably won’t affect them too negatively.  But … it’s not about us, individually.  It’s about our patients.  

Reflect on your stories and reflect on your priorities.  Maybe your decision won’t change or maybe it will.  

*(I’m not sure there was an original truth … maybe this story is related to dropping a mentos into a plastic bottle of pop.

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