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March 16, 2017

Sitting here looking out at a truckload of snow.  “sigh …” Snow in any fashion and form is depressing to me.  I am not a monochromatic type of guy.  I need greens and browns; colors of all sorts.  White is not a color.  I was saying at lunch today that after this week, it’s all downhill until December. It’s all good.   

One of my life’s greatest pet peeves (aside from *) is when I have a problem with something and people say “that’s never happened or been mentioned before … ever!”  Well they are either lying, or I’m the first person to point it out.  It seems to happen all the time.  It’s because I’m assertive, and I live by the rule that if I have spinach in my teeth I want someone to point it out.  A simple “thank you for pointing that out!” would do.  Perhaps I ask too much … ?

We went to brunch on Sunday for my sister’s birthday at a French place in Des Moines.  It was really awesome – except they made my bloody mary with saké instead of vodka.  I’m not a saké drinker.  I once went to Japanais*** in Chicago – owned by Chef Morimoto and got the “chef’s saké tasting service”.  Basically the best saké to me tastes like warm sweat.  I do not like saké.  But everything else was spot on awesome.  And the waiter was non intrusive and asked all the right questions.  (It really doesn’t take much.)

*people driving in the left lane just because.  Excessive packaging.  People talking loudly on their cell phones in public and then shooting me “looks” for noticing.  Parking on lawns.  Waitresses asking “how’s everything taste”**.  

**"How's everything taste?"
"The parsley you put on my plate tastes terrible. And the salt shaker tasted kind of soapy when I licked it earlier - are you sure it was rinsed off the last time you washed it?"


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