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September 8, 2016



Hmmm... this is hard stuff.  As I've re-engaged with myself this past 8 months, I'm surprised by how possible life is.  I'm walking to the edge more and trying to play, laugh, as if this is all there is. AND...AND... life is starting to, after 51 years, become clearer. 

In 1992, my friend, Tami and I, were headed to Burlington, Vermont to visit her sister.  We took the highway in New Hampshire where I lived and then got onto interstate 91.  We were at a rest stop in Lebanon, New Hampshire and someone stopped us and asked us how far Portland, Maine was.  Long story short, this person got on the wrong interstate (they should have chose I95 in Connecticut) and was two states over and a long ways away from Maine.  They were kind of intensely bummed out (This was the day of maps, but clearly they couldn't read a map to save their life). I think of this example often.  A lot of times, we veer off course. We have great intentions, but we pick battles that distract us from our grand vision.  We find ourselves way off course, focusing on all the wrong stuff. 

Today in a meeting we talked about the hedgehog concept.  Basically, it means that we choose things that we can do really well.  We don't choose everything possible, we choose things that we love and are passionate about, and then do them really well. My re-engagement with myself this year has been about removing the clutter, rediscovering my passions, understanding my "map" really well, and driving to my clear destination without apology or regret.  Yep, it's hard, but so worth it.


Life is great but only if you choose it to be. 


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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