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Notes from Steve

August 18, 2016

I'm trying to sell this old, cool, electric piano (Rhodes) that I had on the stage atundergrounded on Craigslist. I got a ton of interest from people all around the United States. One of the first requests that came in, I responded in a positive manner, and it's been kind of a mess since - nothing has come of it (only weird communication). I haven't ever used Craigslist before so I'm a novice at it ... maybe this is to be expected?

Society is in a very "buyer beware" place right now. It's like trust with a twist of paranoia. When you are browsing the Internet and all the same type of ads start to pop up, you might finally realize that you are being cyber stalked because you once showed interest in a couch at Restoration Hardware. .. trust + paranoia. Back in the 80s, we used to talk about Big Brother and being watched and thinking, "Ooohh... the future looks kind of scary." I'm wondering if the buyer of my electric piano could have other plans. Could this be a scam? I know some people who are completely "off the grid" because they don't have trust anymore. I'm not sure that is where I want my life to go.

So I told the nameless person (via text, our only communication) that if I don't hear anything today, I'm moving on. I think with everything - when trust is questioned, we need to move on. If you see too many ads from Restoration Hardware - clean out your cookies on your computer, dig in, and wipe your slate (so to speak) clean. When businesses ask for your email when you purchase an oven mitt - don't give it to them (same with your phone number). Unless there is a good reason to share your personal information, be safe.

This is a new world. We need to be aware and be assertive. We will be taken advantage of if allowed. So as you go forward, be as wide awake as possible and know there are some crazy kids out there wanting what you have. 


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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