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June 18, 2015

I was thinking I was oddly at peace today, and then my eye started twitching.  I’m having a dinner party on Wednesday night and for some reason it kept me up last night … I was thinking about it.  What?  Maybe you do this as well, but for some reason when I don’t have a big hulking reason to be worried or paranoid, I will take the smallest thing and blow it up into a drama filled potential disaster.  (For some a dinner party may cause undo angst, but I have had literally hundreds of dinners at my house, and there exists no reason for me to be worried.)  

I think we as a society – brought up first on soap operas and then on reality TV – are so hooked into the need for life to be anything but boring, we gravitate to drama of any sort in order to “feel complete”.  I was telling someone recently that I don’t step on the scale because I can’t handle the truth (unless it is good news).  I really don’t like getting my labs drawn because I will focus on the results and Google everything potentially wrong to the point of hysteria.  Is this normal?  Maybe it is in today’s world?  


My friend who happens to be a dietitian says “everything in moderation”; basically don’t go overboard.  Relax, life will be fine – don’t obsess, don’t overdo, don’t … easier said than done.  For this next year – I think I will try not to vacillate – I’ll try not to live on a rollercoaster of emotions but take it easy with my perspective.  Like Dr. Hurt and Amy have been saying – deal with the “stuff” of life with more gratitude, positive expression and love, rather than nitpicking on the detail.  Life is way too short to worry about dinner parties … for goodness sake, have another glass of wine and enjoy!!


-Steve Simonin, President & CEO


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