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May 19, 2016


I was at the funeral of a good friend this weekend.  Because I was out of town, I wasn’t able to witness what is so representative of what Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics stands for – dedicated, committed employees working all weekend (above and beyond their work week) on our new EMR.  Reagan stated that he took pictures of everyone working together towards an awesome, momentous goal.  The other senior leaders told stories of how everyone had such a great attitude and disposition.   (I thought about this and came to the conclusion that this is the nerd equivalent of a trauma in the ER or a code blue on the floor.)


I was cleaning out my coffee cup in the bathroom up by my office and thought, “This is great water pressure.” Then was horrified to find that the front of my pants were soaked because of the spraying water.  So a good thing like awesome water pressure turned on me.  It’s like eating spinach – good, until you find later that evening that you’ve been walking around with it in your teeth all day.  Or garlic – supposedly a health food and full of good stuff – until you eat too much of it and it comes out of your pores*.  Life is about moderation I guess – if it is “too good”, then it’ll probably soak your pants in the end.  (Cautiously optimistic is not a bad way to waltz through life)


So the EPIC thing – a few problems here and there shouldn’t be taken as a bad thing.  They should be reminders that it could be a heck of a lot worse.  It’s like perfect Miss America – if she laughs like a horse I am more inclined to appreciate her more.  So look forward to next week after we’ve gone live on the system, and when small problems occur, give thanks – it’s a good thing and in the end our lives will be better.  


*at the fitness center and people come in asking who is cooking Italian food. 


- Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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