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April 30, 2015

“Give me one good reason why I should never make a change.” This is from that song I wrote about a couple of weeks ago – and also my motto of the moment. And “disruption” is my word of the moment. This kind of scares me, because it feels like change for the sake of change… but not really… As I get older and “wiser,” I think the one thing that I am constantly reminded of is that I really don’t know much about anything. What I do well is I take advantage of coincidences. If you are around my age you will know this reference well. On the show Land of the Lost – the one with the monkey boy named ChaKa and the annoying Marshall family – it always bugged the heck out of me when the mirrored pyramid would show up to offer a trip back home (the playground was in the background) and, whichever annoying one of the Marshalls stumbled upon it, they wouldn’t take it, because the whole family wasn’t there. My thought in fourth grade was, “Take advantage of the trip home!” This bugged me to no end.

This, in a strange way, molded my desire to take advantage of change when change is present; both Land of the Lost and my dad’s reminder that “You snooze, you lose.” I look back at the cool things that have happened to Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics over the years and, if we were freaked about change and we were anti- disruption, we’d look a lot different today.

Our journey is never dull. The mirrored pyramid shows up sometimes and gives us a glimpse of what “great and successful” look like. Hopefully, we will have the knowledge that we are not in charge of creating our fate. We aren’t in charge of creating, but we have choices and whether or not we choose to hop aboard – well, that is our decision. If we wring our hands and fret about whether or not the rest are going to join, and we miss our opportunity – we’ll be stuck in the land of the lost forever. And regardless of how cool it’d be to have a monkey boy to call our own, I choose great and successful.

-Steve Simonin, President & CEO

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