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Notes from Steve

January 4, 2021


I bought a replacement car yesterday.  It’s because I swore, two weeks ago, that I was keeping my vehicle forever.  I can never make a definitive statement like that because I will jinx it.  I called up the dealership and bought the same exact (later model) car - a gray jeep not a red one.  Everything else is exactly the same (my ability to learn new things is limited).  I remember my dad fretting over his cars and would spend so much time looking and studying what car to buy*. In my humble opinion, doing things like this - quickly and without emotion - it’s the best way.

Intuition is underrated.  Most of the times, my first thought or impression is the one I should go with.  I find when I mull over things and go back and forth with my decision, time is wasted and my anxiety is increased.  I’m not going to resolve to do better in 2021 because resolutions don’t work for me, but I think I will just try and trust myself more.  That’s a good thing.

So it’s 2021 - we for the most part (kind of) survived 2020.  In my mind, 2020 was supposed to be the year of intense focus and change.  It was focused (nothing else to do) and forced change on how we used to do things.  In Willy Wonka - he said “be careful what you wish for - you just might get it”.  I’m not wishing anything on this upcoming year - I just want the upcoming 12 month journey to be good for everyone. 

Steve Simonin's first car - Dodge Dart*then he ended up with the dodge dart, labeled as one of the worst cars ever. I ended up driving it all of my high school and college years until it literally collapsed into a pile of rust dust.  It would continue running, sputtering for about 5 minutes after I shut it off; it leaked like a sieve and it always cut out when I took a right hand turn.  I hated that car. 

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