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December 7, 2020

I was considering my Christmas letter this year. I thought a whole page of swear words would be appropriate, but not necessarily as festive as I would like.  I thought I could write a song and do a short video of interpretive dancing - but that would be a lot of work … so, no.  I was trying to think of great milestones that I could write about for 2020.  

At first, it was hard to find good things, but then …

Ideas (telehealth, zoom, vaccines, masking) that were once thought impossible or really hard were born, matured and are now part of life - in an amazing short period of time.  

Grace - I known a lot of people who were sick with the virus, and I’ve known a lot who’ve passed away in this year (both from the virus and not).  Most of us know someone who’s experienced COVID, so giving grace is easier (file this under misery loves company).  Sometimes it’s hard to generate grace and concern for diseases that don’t affect anyone you know.  We are all in this together.  We are all on the same team.  

Personal strength and fortitude.  I’m not sure everyone experienced this, but I’ve found that 2020 has given me the ability to reflect more on myself - my failings and my needs and my strengths.  In this year of quiet and solitude - I’ve been able to recognize and be humble, not always changing but knowing I need to (I ignored it before).

I asked a friend “when people look back ten years from now - what will they say of 2020?  Will it just be another year or will society change because of it?”  I don’t know and neither did she.  I hope we will have more of an ability to take ideas to fruition, have boundless grace and personal humility, and be stronger.  Time will tell.  

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