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Notes from Steve

December 28, 2020


The year that wasn’t

fun, nice, full, happy, graceful

But we made it thru …


A friend asked me today what my word for 2021 is.  “I don’t know” I told her.  I would like the word “hope” but hoping for a good hand in poker is a loser move.  You’ve got to be strategic and play with skill (looking at an entire year with a strategic vision and being skillful 24/365 sounds completely exhausting).  “Hope” is out and “strategic” is as well.  The word “forward” is interesting but the image that pops into my head is being pushed forward passively - like a deer being hit by a car … so that’s out.

One of the first things my coach asked when I starting working with her 20 years ago was “what’s your goal”.  I thought about it and I said “I have no particular goal, I just want an awesome trip - I want the journey to be epic”.  When I think about 2021 - I don’t go to the place of figuring out a specific goal, it’s not about one thing or another (lose 20 pounds, go to the Caribbean, ride in several long bike rides, do “x”, “y” or “z”) it’s just having a great year.  I want the great year I hoped for in 2020.

Anticipation*.  Maybe this is it.  We are all waiting to return to what we know and love.  No big hairy audacious goals.  Just normal.  I don’t know about all of you, but my disdain for the crowds on a Saturday morning at the farmers market disappeared.  I would actually do a black Friday willingly**.  My point is we as a society are going to probably appreciate the small things that used to drive us crazy.  I will look with anticipation to smiling at people in a crowded airport, hugging (side hugging, Lutheran style), shaking hands …

I’m going into 2021 like Mork***.  (Wow, I actually am looking am looking forward to January and February - for the first time ever.)


**not really, I’m lying here.
*** Mork and Mindy - 70’s show starring Robin Williams, innocent and wide-eyed alien who looked at everything with anticipation and fresh eyes

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