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December 21, 2020

Merry Christmas!  Years ago I used to get a Christmas card from some people in California that I never met, knew, or anything.  I did a Google search and found nothing in common.  They stopped sending them to me after a couple of years.  (To tell you the truth, the letters were dreadfully boring, but since I didn’t know these people, I looked forward to the letter every year.)* 

The holiday season is hard for 56 year old guy with no kids.  I’m not the type to binge watch 47 different (but oddly exactly the same, from what I hear) Lifetime Holiday movies … Nor am I big into the whole church perspective and gift giving?  I know, no bah humbugging, but for me - and I’m sure a lot of you - the Christmas and whole holiday season is tough. 

So how do I get excited about the beginning of winter, too much food, and the endless same music playing over and over? 

This is how.  Memories of past Christmases with friends and family who aren’t around anymore.  Watching the families with young kids get excited about Santa.  The music?  Well, there are a lot of people who love it, and we (Jordan) go to special pains to make sure there are traditional, jazz, and country flavors of the same songs.  The food?  Well, I can guarantee that in April or May when there is nary a Christmas cookie in sight, I’ll regret this perspective.  The beginning of winter?  How about the beginning of the end of the pandemic?  I’ve never, ever looked forward to January and February like I am in 2021. 

It’s a matter of perspective.  Humbug?  Not this year, in fact, I may even watch a Lifetime movie tonight with a mug of nog and my Santa hat on my head.

* I like to think that my news is exciting and people just can’t wait to hear from me and how great my life is, but in reality, probably not. 

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