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December 14, 2017

Someone said to me last Friday "surely you have grandkids". I went home and shaved off my very gray beard. 

I figure I lead a better life by being quiet in situations that I don't know the absolute truth. Quint Studer used to say he wouldn't even congratulate a woman on being pregnant until the kid was crowning.* I've heard countless stories of women being asked if they were pregnant and they weren't. Again, if you don't know what to say - don't assume something and say something. The weather is always safe to discuss, just saying.**

Every prescription my dad used to get, he'd study the potential side effects. I used to laugh because he'd talk about the .001% chance that a limb would fall off, or something equally as crazy, from the new drug he was taking. Now I'm doing it. There is a remote possibility of hallucinations with a prescription I'm on, according to the website, and so now I'm seeing things in my house. Last week I even got out the flashlight to check behind the piano. 

My goal is to stay quiet, don't make assumptions, and remain lucid. Just because a thought pops into my head doesn't mean it's based in reality. My new motto: keep calm and carry on. 

*which begs the question, what are you doing in the delivery room?

** one summer at a pre-party for some concert I don't even remember, a past board member commented that I was getting fat. (sigh ...) Really??

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