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December 13, 2018

I had mushroom toast with a poached egg for breakfast on Sunday at St. Kilda - a restaurant in Des Moines.  Sounds gross (to some) but I think it is my favorite restaurant dish ... ever. (This is a tall order - to say "ever" ... but I can't think of any other amazing restaurant dish* ...) I think it is important to set the bar high on experiences, whether it's vacations or stores or food or bike trails or phones. However, parameters are made to be broken.

Bugs and animals supposedly can see a far greater spectrum than humans. They see the environment in a wildly different way than we do - more vividly, heightened awareness, and constant sensory overload. Let's say the parameters I set for myself don't allow for much room for experimentation. (Like, I'm picky, or I don't want to leave the state for vacation, or I'll only shop at big box stores.) If my box is small, my spectrum is limited. However, if I push the walls of my box and try new things, my life will expand as well. I may even try mushroom toast. No-one (at least according to Yelp) has died eating it yet.

I think I push my boundaries, but I also know a lot of other characters with extremely colorful lives. Carpenters and musicians and artists and kings of industry and politicians and professional Santa Clauses.  I like to think at my age, I've done a lot ... but I haven't even scratched the surface of what is possible. What are you waiting for?**

*Other top dishes: Aunt Maude's Chili Rubbed Filet, McDonald's French Fries, cheesy potato casserole from Cracker Barrel, Seafood Pesto Pizza from Fuel, Deb Short's key lime pie.

**Soon; plan on doing something that makes you a little bit nervous.

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