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November 30, 2020

Jordan scolded me and told me to lighten up and don’t talk about Covid.  Ok, I won’t … instead, I’ll write about a dreadful movie I saw last night.  Don’t watch the movie “Downhill” with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell.  It was marketed as a comedy, but I don’t think I cracked a smile the whole movie.   I haven’t walked out on many movies (actually 3 - Les Mis, Chariots of Fire and The English Patient) but I would have walked out on this one.  It was mentally painful.

Sometimes we find ourselves down a path and we think it’s too late to turn back. Like the person who invented this recipe.  Bananas wrapped in ham and covered with hollandaise sauce.  It’s bad enough to experiment with it, but to take credit for it and actually put it in a recipe book?  Come on.  I doubt anybody honestly encouraged this person by saying it was tasty; they were probably just being nice and didn’t want to hurt the “chef’s” feeling.  I once stuffed a turkey with sauerkraut and fed it to my family and they said “this is horribly disgusting, never do it again.”  This type of honesty, I appreciate.  (For the record I didn’t make this up …

Bananas wrapped in ham This time of year is the most dangerous, diet-wise.  Technically, we are only supposed to gain 8 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  With this year though, I’m worried.  I Obese manpolished off family sized Ruffles and onion dip over the weekend (so good), and yesterday I made 4 dozen peanut butter cookies for no reason at all.  What really scares me is that the “ham bananas with hollandaise” doesn’t gross me out too much …

So this wasn’t about Covid … but it kind of was.  We are tired and bored of the same old same old - we want normal.  Personally, I find myself eating and filling my mind with stupid stuff (movies). This holiday season, think about how you can “gift” yourself with an act of kindness.  Instead of stuffing your pie hole with chips and dip and filling your mind with complete and utter stupidity … maybe think outside of the box.  Try new recipes.  Do yoga from a YouTube video.  Read a classic book.  Write a poem.  Paint a picture.  Take up knitting.  End 2020 on a personal high note.  And above all -- stay healthy, we need you.

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