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November 23, 2017

I’m all in on Christmas this year.  However, I’m not planning on decorating the outside of the house though, unless they make orange and red lights that convey a mid-century modern vibe.  I would consider going caroling, and I’m up for any jingle jam as long as they serve nog.  I do have my standards to consider. 

My friend suggested this movie – it was critically acclaimed.  I tried, I really did (it was called “The Lobster”).  It was horrible.  Just awful – and I kept thinking “if this is supposed to be good, does that say I’m lacking in my ability to discern quality?”  Then last night I watched a movie and thought – this is better than the one star it received from the critics*.  Hmmmm …. I was once drinking wine with a couple of friends in California and we were sitting with some vintners (the people who make the wine) and I asked them “how do you tell a 100 dollar bottle of wine from a 10 dollar one?”  They said, everyone’s tastes are different – drink what you like.  Hmmm … yep.

My nephew claims to like Spam.  (The spiced pork pink blob of meat in a can – not junk email)  I gently explained what spam was, and I think in some strange way he decided that my explanation caused him to like it more.  ?   I’m not personally a Spam fan, but I leave room for others to enjoy this pseudo meat.  I think in preparation for the upcoming year, my early thought on resolutions is to reserve judgment and realize that everyone sees and appreciates life in their own special way.  (“Steve, you realize that this means that you can’t judge people, right?” Yes, I’ll have to find another hobby.)

*The Shack.  I kind of liked it, but I thought that the main character kept slipping into his Australian accent, and supposedly he was supposed to be from Missouri or some Midwestern state.  And it kept going from spring/summer to winter, but the message was good.

Happy Thanksgiving all – eat way too much food and get out to the stores early if you are a Black Friday Shopper.  Be aggressive and excessive and thankful, I suppose.

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