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Notes from Steve

November 16, 2020

Weird time with the pandemic. Even though we are exhausted and really, just done with the whole thing … it’s still here, getting worse, and forcing us to reevaluate. It feels like the month of April again - but back then I seriously thought we’d be done with this by now. Zoom was a new toy, and we had milestones and moments of pride - pulling together to change the system to be compliant, working with the government on funds to cover loses. In Iowa, we had some cases but we looked at what was happening in New York thinking “I’m glad it’s there and not here” … now it’s here. It’s hard to find nuggets of pride and new accomplishments. Our systems are working, but we are being challenged. Lots of sickness - in both the community and with us, the employees.

So with this - how do we stay positive?? I’m looking at the vaccine that is coming. Great news on that front. I’m looking to next year, when this is over - appreciating everything possible. I will go to the Des Moines downtown farmers markets and not complain about all the crowds and dogs and hot weather. I will be happy to attend the State Fair with a million other people on the hottest day of the year and eat the bucket of fried cookies. I will do so without complaint. I am looking forward to doing everything with a great and positive attitude. 

Yes, this is definitely a weird historic, perilous time that won’t last. It will pass. We will come out of this better and stronger. AND I bet, we will (hopefully for awhile) have a new appreciation for living life. 

**(I’m in quarantine this week because I stupidly didn’t wear a mask and was exposed. Don’t be like me, wear your mask.)** 😷 

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