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November 16, 2017

I did this whirlwind trip out to California with Dr. Hurt to meet with a strategic partner on Tuesday to come back bright and early on Wednesday.  I’m not a fan of traveling.  But … I persevered and made it all right.  As I look back – there were a lot of hiccups that would have thrown me completely off kilter in the past, but I took in stride this time.  Starting with the parking lot full and I had to park farther away, then my ticket didn’t scan, then my bag was held up because they saw something – it was fine, then we sat on the runway for a good solid hour while the windshield wipers were being fixed.  All of these things in the past would have caused me to be emotionally drained, but they didn’t this time.   I got there, and we had the meeting, and we got back.  It was fine.  Good, in fact.  How much energy and emotion did I waste in the past over stupid, small things that really didn’t matter to the outcome?

I have these recurring dreams that I have this event I need to get to – but I can never get there because something happens and makes me late.  And my dream is never resolved because I’m always trying to pack or something always pops up and slows me down.  I’m bogged down by the minor details – to the point of never reaching my destination.  How does this apply to my life?  Do I focus on the minor details and ignore the finished product?  What if I became so upset that I had to park in overflow parking and “Oh my God, I can’t believe I have to go back to registration and re-register!” and “you’re searching through my bag for what?”  and “my life is ruined because I’m now delayed an hour?!?” … I used to do this. 

When I truly reflect on the trip – what comes to mind was the great discussion with our partner.  And – this was really cool for me – the wine person at this restaurant is a colleague with my good friends in Placerville, CA who run a vineyard out there.  That blew me away and was so cool.  It wasn’t the other stuff.   How often do we allow the minor to blot out the major? 

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