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January 11, 2021

Ok, so this is the fourth time rewriting this column this week.  There is so much happening in the world and I don’t know about you but my emotions are in a big jumble.  I was going to write about leaning up life.  Cutting out the unnecessary steps that add to our work and ultimately to our anxiety.  However …

The country is at a crossroads right now.  It doesn’t matter what side I fall on regarding my political opinions.  My belief is that everyone attempts to solve problems in the best way.  I believe in the goodness of people.  A lot of my friends posting things I disagree with on social media are not coming from an evil place - I grew up with these people and I don’t think they are evil.  

We had the leaders’ meeting today, and we talked about the Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics recommitment to standards.  We talked about everyone agreeing on “how”.  How we greet each other, treat each other, respect each other … love and compassion.  Regardless of who we are apart from the organization, while we are here we pull the same way.  

Again, life is tough enough outside of these walls.  I guarantee we all see the world differently.  But, this small team of 700 plus people is a great team of people who believe the same core principles - creating Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics to be the best place to practice, work and receive care.  

America may be at crossroads but Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics has, is, and will continue to be a place dedicated to safety, quality, and compassion.

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