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November 2, 2020

I’ve had some run-ins with customer service during the pandemic. Pretty much every time I’m trying to get a company on the line I get the recorded message that “because of covid, your wait time will be endless and horrific”**.  My question is why?  Why is this period of time so different?  I would think that just talking to someone shouldn’t be any different than it was before - of course, repair people and in-person customer would and should be different now … but on the phone?  To me - it feels “convenient” to use the pandemic to justify “less than” customer service.

Personally, I’m reflecting on my own behavior.  When I pop the 4th candy bar into my mouth - am I saying to myself “this is justified because I’m stressed and need this on account of _____ (the election, the pandemic, the weather, etc.)”? Am I challenged and am I more argumentative and lash out more because of ____ (the election, the pandemic, the weather, etc.)?  Is my response and behavior justified or is it convenient because of 2020? 

I am worried about the world.  What really gets me is that we are working around the concept of grace.  Because we don’t want to hear things that we may disagree with; we’ll either avoid grace or be oppositional (“that doesn’t work -- it’s been proven!” … even when it hasn’t been, say it enough times and someone will believe it).  And the price we are collectively paying is mass “unfriending”.  It might be a business that doesn’t answer their phones … it might be friendship … it might be our credibility or standing in a community …

The challenge of 2021 is how to repair ourselves and our worlds in the most graceful, loving way possible.  If this is going above and beyond from a service perspective; do it.  If this is swallowing pride and being humble, ok (the 2nd, 3rd and 4th candy bar won’t fix the election or improve the weather).  If this is simply adding grace to a tough situation, that’s good as well. 

Be good, be well, be humble, be graceful and above all love -- even when it’s not called for.

*or similar words; this is what I hear.

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