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November 29, 2018

I had 16 people to my house on Thanksgiving.  That’s a lot of people.  I read something about cooking for 8 hours, eating for 20 minutes, and cleaning for 6 hours that gave me pause, but I enjoyed the day anyway.  For some reason, I really love cooking - the accountability of it, the creativity, the planning … and cleanup isn’t so bad either.  This (in print) is odd.

Years ago when I owned a restaurant, one of my favorite times was when I was smack busy and on autopilot cooking and coordinating orders.  There is a visceral and subconscious joy that comes from autopilot. My late friend, Lorraine, used to talk about music as the balm of her soul.  She used to relate that when she was lost in a piece of music -- there was something that lifted her spiritually. Whether it’s sports or music or cooking or yard work or something else, the gifts from our creator should not go unnoticed. 

I thought about this over the weekend as I was binge watching Netflix. 

This weekend, I also noticed people in my neighborhood putting up their Christmas decorations.  I saw that Facebook was full of people standing proudly in front of their trees.  Jordan was all hot and bothered this morning to get Christmas music on overhead, and she berated me for not getting excited about a month of Rudolph the Red and Bing Crosby singing about wonderlands … I know … no bah humbugging, but it’s still November … ugh.

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