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November 21, 2018

I read a sign on FaceBook this morning - “Even though it’s Monday, it’s a short week that ends with pie and shopping.” Nothing like slapping on the positive lens for the week.  If it was 72 degrees and sunny it’d be better, but I’m fine with the short week, pie, and … shopping … (this, I could forgo).  I had lunch today with a couple of friends, and we talked about black Friday and nightmare shopping.  “Did you ever do the early morning push/shove shopping thing on Friday after Thanksgiving?” “Once, and it was awful”, they replied.  I can honestly say I’ve never done that.  Back in college when I was a janitor at JC Penny’s I heard about the nightmare of the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, and people whacking each other at five in the morning to get one of these.  Dread.  How incredibly awful.

I reluctantly pulled out my snowblower last night.  It, of course refused to start.  Supposedly, it was too cold.  (… long pause …)  Why don’t they make snow blowers so that they start in cold, snowy weather?  Then in my frustration and stress I flooded the engine.  After screaming for awhile I tried it again and it started, but then I noticed flames coming out of what appeared to be exhaust holes on the engine.  I thought perhaps it was going to explode so I turned it off and went inside.  I hate snow.

Lens.  Yes, I know.  My lens appears black right now, huh? - No rose colored for me.  I need to reflect on Thanksgiving and be happy and appreciative of all of my gifts.  Life is really good right now, and I was just rounding with my friend, Julie, and we smiled and talked about all that was good and right with the world.  I am blessed, and regardless of black Fridays or snow and ice or the cold … I have friends and family and the warmth of Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics and my little town.  My gifts are plenty and I’m truly am thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (Eat way too much and if you must, smack someone for a doll at 5AM Friday.)

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