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October 26, 2017

I went to the Cambridge, Iowa apple orchard with a friend on Sunday.  It was a nice sunny day, and I didn’t nor couldn’t imagine the horror and scene we would encounter as we got there.  At least 2 million people, mostly kids and black Friday shoppers … it was my nightmare (that and any period of time I would spend in a Disney theme park – shudder.)  We left after 15 minutes and went to nearby vineyard and drank wine on the porch.  The day was saved.  I do not like crowds.  I don’t do well in crowds.

So I’m finding out more about myself as I age. When I’ve taken personality tests in the past it says that I am a certified extrovert – except I have to wonder about this because I’m liking the extro part of my life less and less.  (My birthday is this Saturday, and I’m going to be 53 – which doesn’t mean anything to me … 53 is not one of those years people freak out over, it’s just a number.  However, on Facebook, it says my age is 41 because Facebook kept sending me old guy marketing, and so I redid my age on it to avoid looking at ads I didn’t want to see.)  

The other thing in my advanced age is that I am less tolerant than I used to be.  Case in point.  I took the nephews on Saturday night to Mason City to visit the 2 brewpubs.  The first one we went to was celebrating “dog-tober” (dog October).  I didn’t know this was an official holiday, but I guess it is celebrated by bringing your dog to a brewpub.  When we got there, about 7 dogs were present.  In about 15 minutes another 10 showed up and there was a bit of chaos (barking and sniffing, etc.).  I’m not that much of a prude that this was over the top until the dogs started to … go to the bathroom in the restaurant, next to our table.  Not good.  

My patience in general isn’t wearing, but as the years click by I am just a bit more sensitive to stuff.  Pretty soon I imagine I’ll be shaking my fist at kids in the neighborhood and telling them to stay off my lawn.  

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