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October 26, 2020

My birthday is next week and I usually dislike the yearly reminder of aging, however, this birthday and subsequent year will be epic. I’m looking at a particular provider who, although older than me, cranked out some pretty awesome numbers in miles on his bike this summer.* He demonstrated to me that age is just a number and you can do most anything if you put your mind to it. I’ve decided that for the next however many years, I am going to attempt to reverse the aging process (improve the mental and physical aspects of “Steve”) - this is my gift to myself.

This week I’m learning how to meditate (transcendental meditation - to be specific). A couple of times a day I meditate without disruption to relax my mind and body. There are a lot of studies to support the healing aspects of meditation on the brain, and a lot of healthcare institutions around the country are incorporating TM into employee and patient engagement. Calming down and reducing stress is not a bad thing ever, especially now … in 2020. 

So calming the mind and relaxation allows for more clarity and more patience. As we approach winter and a new year, our collective focus needs to be on healing and repair. Whatever, whoever and however we move into the future (politically, pandemic-wise and whatever else drops from the sky) … to do so with clarity and compassion will help to insure a better outcome. Namaste. 


*Dr. Ahrendsen

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