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October 18, 2018

At orientation on Monday I did my regular spiel; my story, the story of the hospital, and the discussion regarding our Standards of Behavior. For almost two decades we’ve been the model of what “service excellence” looks like.  Still posting good results, but we can always do better.  I woke up this morning thinking “just because we’ve (I) have done it that way and achieved a decent result, doesn’t mean that’s the only way”.  I used this for myself because I’m not feeling like clothes are fitting well, and I need to step up my game - physically*.  Ugh.  It used to be common wisdom/knowledge/thought that it took two weeks to start a habit - I heard last week it’s 88 days.  (… that’s like 3 months …)

So we’ve been talking.  It’s not a bad thing to shake things up.  Try the new recipe.  Check out another way to get to your favorite destination.  Wear the orange sweater …

In November, Kim Heller, Micki Disney, and I are going to Des Moines to talk about our journey and how we’ve “hit the wall” and are going to re-energize … redo … re-imagine what it means to be a part of this epic journey.  Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics - new chapter. 

I’m excited for a lot of things in 2019.  I’m setting some pretty big physical goals for myself, and I need to be in great shape to accomplish them.  Same with Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics.  We need to be in the best shape in order to weather the storms.  And … reflecting on our history - it needs to be engaging and fun, and we need to understand, collectively, our sense of purpose and urgency.  88 days.  We’ll do this together with energy and imagination.**

*I worked out at 5:30 and am trying a new diet thing.  I will work out again tonight. 

**not wearing orange though, that’d be mean.

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