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October 4, 2018

I asked a friend yesterday if she felt this was a crazy time and if she met herself coming and going.  She said yes, this was a crazy time.  I found myself yelling in my house “Let go and let God” at the top of my lungs.  It’s a short trip from there to “SERENITY NOW!!” … I need a yoga teacher or some sort of calming presence in my life.  I sat back and analyzed my latest freak out moment and decided it didn’t warrant the emotion I was giving it.  Fuel for the internal fire. 

I’m not sure where this was coming from.  Bottled up angst does no one any good.  It leads to ailments.  I don’t have time right now for ailments.  We, as humans, are not that different from our devices.  When your phone is running a lot of things in the background, the battery is drained quickly.  I know I’m like that.  When my life is full, or I’m carrying around the weight of “stuff”, my energy is zapped and I’m not able to follow through with my plans -- or at least I’m not at 100%.   

So how do we maximize our power?  With my phone I clean out the garbage* -- my router and computers and satellite … I’ll unplug, wait 10 seconds and plug back in (which would qualify me to work over the phone as a tech expert for most repair issues) … supposedly cleaning up the garbage.  “Oh, if it were that easy in life”-- but sometimes it is.  My yelling “Let go and let God” and “SERENITY NOW!!” is like me watching the blue screen of death on my computer or that whirring circle on my TV; nothing good happens.  Sometimes unplugging and stepping away at high times of angst will help to calm to waters and allow you to reflect on the situation. It helps with me.  As my yoga teacher would say “Namaste grasshopper” or “chill out dude”. 

*IPhone - double click the home button and swipe away

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