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Notes from Steve

November 23, 2016

Pie to the face for SteveThis week is Thanksgiving.  Even though I’m not always full of bubbling gratitude; I’m thankful for a lot of things.  “What?”  The cat I got last week literally climbed the walls all night, last night.  He was insane.  Today, though, he’s good, and I’m thankful (exhausted but thankful) for him.  I got blasted in the face with a pie on Friday night.  It was all part of raising a lot of money for the employee hardship fund … so even though I had whipped cream in my hair and ears, I’m thankful.   The presidential candidate that I was not for, won.  Josh D. reminded me the other night that I owed him dinner from a bet as to who would win … I’m thankful for … hmmm … that I will be able to hang out with him and Renee and that will be fun.  (And thankful for my new strong desire to avoid politics at all costs for the next four years, except when I say “I told you so” and “wasn’t my fault, not my choice”.)



As with other Thanksgivings my strong desire to micromanage the food, forces me to make an army of casseroles.  I’m especially excited this year as my brother-in-law is going to deep fry the turkey.  I’m not sure what to expect, but just like when Dr. A was frying snickers for a special fair-like treat, this will exceed my expectations.  Once, when I was working at Taco Tina’s at the mall (from which I eventually got fired), I accidentally dropped some corn dogs in the grease, overflowing the bin and melting the counter.  This didn’t do me in (fired) but it didn’t help my case.  Since this incident, I’ve had a bit of PTSD towards frying.  I’ll plan on watching with interest and praying that it doesn’t start the house on fire.


Thank you, God, for your grace, for the ability to help those who suffer, and the opportunity to help those who provid

Thank you, God, for the blessings that I have received to work in a vocation that I enjoy and to serve with purpose, to do worthwhile work, and to make a difference. I am grateful that I have health and material things to live with; that I am responsible at home, at work, and at caring for my community that I can give love. In addition, for the greatest blessing of all, I thank you, God, that I can share these gifts with others. Amen

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