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June 28, 2018

Currently I have three moms working on changing a battery in my bicycle speedometer.  It’s impossible for me, so I gave the job to moms.  They can do anything.  (Even though Jordan said “just buy a new one …”) I know my audience, and I’m not intentionally trying to suck up - but I’m really happy that over the last decade more and more women have moved into leadership positions.  When I first started here years ago - there were very few women in CEO positions in healthcare.  There were no female board members … now they are the majority, both in Iowa Hospital, and the boards I am affiliated with.  Society needs this change; grace, compassion and the skills necessary to tackle life’s most difficult problems (like changing a battery).  
*Steve, Linda, Kirk Rier on tropical vacation
This is Kirk and Linda’s last week at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics.  When they started it was Community Memorial Hospital … that was a long time ago - they basically built the pharmaceutical services.  As pharmacists, they have dosed out probably a million or so prescriptions and helped a lot of people.  Kirk’s leadership at the helm of this changing system has left a mark on pretty much every single department; he tells people (accurately) that he has lead every department as a senior leader or leader at one point or another in his tenure here.  The Riers are a staple in Wright County.  Years ago when I was starting up the church band, Linda jumped in and lent her voice and awesome harmonies, and at the time, little Matt (Rier) rocked out on the drums.  I remember at one leadership meeting when the cost for not doing your evaluations on time was to sing a song to the group.  It worked most of the time - except Kirk had no issues singing so when he was late with an evaluation; he sang “Margarita-ville” to the group.  We will miss the Riers, and I can honestly say we will miss their dedication, wise leadership, and huge contribution to making this place the awesome place it has become.  

Thank you Kirk and Linda!  Enjoy Florida when it’s cold up here.  We’re all jealous.  

*the blowsy chick in the red dress jumped into our group that night.  We have no idea who she was.  This was taken in Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.  

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