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June 14, 2018

My words for the day are fluidity, transparency, and honesty.  I was talking with my coach this morning on a whole host of things, and one of the major concerns she had regarding our discussion was that I was “all over the map” with what I was talking about.  “Sometimes we need to go for the short term win and risk the long term gain … sometimes we need to be patient and wait for the right time.”  I’m coming to the thought that every situation is different, and there is no one solution that will fit any problem. 

“So?  How does this apply to anything?”  Well, first of all – micromanaging every situation differently is a lot harder.  It requires careful thought and detail.  (Neither of which are a strong suit of mine.)  Whether it’s cost cutting or growth at Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics – no one solution will fix it. 

On the way to the hospital on Main Street is a corner lot where the grass is two feet high.  I called the city – they told me 10 people a day are calling on this.  The grass needs to be mowed.  I threw this out to my coach as a potential issue in town.  “Steve, why don’t you mow it?*”  I told her that the city is working on a ordinance and working on how to make it more timely.  And, I found out, that the person who lived there died, and they were trying to find the next of kin, because it would be trespassing to mow without permission – they are working on a solution; they know it’s a problem.  A lot of times, we will just mow for the short term win and a long term solution won’t be found. 

So, teach a man to fish.  So, give your kid chores so they’ll know how to work.  So, look at every person, situation, and concern differently because at the end of the day, one solution never works. 

*I don’t own a mower.

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