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Notes from Steve

May 17, 2018

I know spring* is here because birds are slamming into my windows at home with abandon.  Scares me every time.  I’m always astounded and amazed at their ability to look dead for 10 minutes and then hop up, shake it off and fly away.  Resilience is powerful.  I think, as a human, my first inclination, assuming I slam into a glass window and lay passed out on the ground, is to assume death is imminent – or at least when I wake up I will wear some sort of brace or complain for weeks about my sore knee.  But birds?  They don’t have stuff like insurance or ER’s, so if they don’t get up and get back to life, they’ll probably be eaten by a cat.  I say we be more like birds, shake it off and move on.

Lots of changes in the works.  New staff, new clinics … changing staff, changing expectations.  Sometimes with all the changes it feels like we’ve flown into a wall.  Does it mean that we will lie on the ground and either die or at least have injuries that will last awhile?  Probably not, but will we feel the need to moan and lash out in pain?  I usually do as I’m not really great with change – unless it’s my idea.  But – what if I chose to see a very clear vision as opposed to the wall?

A bird flying into a window assumes that it is a pass through space – it’s not focusing on the glass barrier and its reflection.  Sometimes changes are like that.  However, if we anticipate the wall and see that it is necessary to veer out of the way and change course then we’ll be fine.  Sometimes though, we hit the wall.  Those that choose the “lie there and die” path will not succeed.  Those that will get up, shake it off and re-educate themselves to focus on the barriers will live to see another day.  We need to pay attention and watch for the obstacles.

*Personally, I loved the 3 hours of spring!

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