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May 24, 2018

It was announced at the employee meeting this morning there would be an active shooting drill sometime soon.  I hate this.  I hate that kids have to practice what would happen if a shooter came into their school.  I hate that this is our reality.  What is it that would be so bad in someone’s life that this would be something they would do?

Are we as a society that is much more violent than we used to be?  I remember growing up in the 70’s, and college in the eighties, and there was a lot of anger and tragic events, but we didn’t have social media and cable news 24/7 back then.  Maybe life isn’t that different, but maybe our focus is.  Depression, bullying, and anxiety aren’t a new problem.  How we deal with it depends on us.  

At orientation I always talk about how I want this organization to be the best place to work, to practice medicine, and to be a patient.  I’m serious with this pledge.  Last week I spoke to the new employees about how I want Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics to complement their lives – to feel like you fit in, to be a place where you can work with friends, and feel supported as you accomplish meaningful tasks.  I want Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics to be a place that will help you if you feel life is getting you down – both as a patient and as an employee.  

Perhaps this is a tough time for civilization.  Perhaps it is harder than it was in the past.  But if we are as awake and aware as possible and are striving for the best outcomes and results, then it’ll more than likely be fine.  However, if you notice someone having a hard time – either help them or find help.  Now is not the time to ignore.  

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