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Notes from Steve

May 10, 2018

A picture in my room fell down which I decided without hesitation that it was because my house is haunted.  Years ago, my psychic friend Tami who was staying at my house for a couple of nights burned a smudge stick (sage) and sprinkled salt in my corners* to help the dead cross over – because the bothersome ghosts kept her up all night.  It may have worked for awhile but they’re back.  I guess it could be worse, I could have mice.

I biked with my nephew last Saturday … I almost killed him.  After about 45 miles I asked him a question and the answer was garbled and didn’t make a lot of sense.  I would have felt bad if he passed out I guess … I told him he was 25 years old and to suck it up.  In retrospect, that probably wouldn’t be the answer I would have looked for in a similar situation.  It was all good though, he got to Casey’s, did the Gatorade and met me at a brewpub after I retrieved the car.  We are all in positions of strength in our lives at different times and do we coach through grace or prod through humiliation? It’s always important to practice empathy.  Put yourself in “their” situation and reflect on your delivery … sorry Dave.

In college I took a basic acting class because I needed an easy A.** I was cast by our professor as Lenny from Mice and Men.  I silently questioned this move as Lenny is a big, strong … somewhat dim individual who doesn’t know his own strength (typecasting?).  But over the years I reflected on this character and how sometimes we stumble over our own strengths and hurt those we care about.  Could be our physical strength, our communication, our knowledge about a certain subject - we need to always be careful and walk with grace in all our interactions.

*my housekeeper commented that there was salt in the corners of the house and vacuumed it up straight away. 
** I got a B.

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