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February 26, 2015

There was a period in my life when I was running a lot and was, for lack of a better term, whacked on endorphins.  For some reason I felt calm … and boring.   If something was egregious and warranted judgment in the form of a comment from me – be it a subject that I had knowledge on or didn’t; I felt a compelling need to interject my feelings.  Now, I’m like “meh … whatever.”  I don’t have this overwhelming need to cast emotion on most anything, or everything depending on the day.  Endorphins are some powerful drugs and the side affect is apathy.
“Apathy – really Steve, are you really emotionally empty?  You seem like such a wellspring of joy and contentment.”   OK, maybe not apathetic – but this new healthy state that I am in?  It is hands down amazing.  I don’t feel anxious and out of sorts.  Maybe I am less stressed and it looks like I am less passionate, but actually I am more grounded in my emotions and I guess that relates to being more selective with what I am passionate about.
I was having a discussion with Dr. Hurt about how foods (and beverages … pop, for example) affect us and satiate more than our hunger.  Food is a powerful drug that affects our mental and physical health a lot of times negatively.  By cutting out pop, Dr. Hurt says he is calmer and more centered.  A friend of mine has been a vegan (basically cutting out all tasty things from her diet … she is essentially limited to carrots and air) and she has been feeling “wonderful.”
So I’m exercising (and sweating) a lot, eating less, drinking more water, and feeling wonderful.  If you see me in the halls looking spacey and smiling dispassionately, don’t take it personally – I’m not apathetic, I’m grounded.

Steve Simonin, CEO & President

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