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Notes from Steve

September 26, 2022

I had a bunch of my biking friends, who rode RAGBRAI with the ISH team, over for dinner this past weekend.  If you’re familiar with how I do my dinner parties - I always do a toast or prayer or meditation prior to the meal.  As we’re gathered at the table - it’s raining and thundering outside, the windows are open, and we hear the storm in the background.  My discussion is of friendship and teams … and how strength comes from shared experiences, and the grace we give each other through our journeys.  It was a raw moment.

As we broke bread together and the night went on - our collective friendship deepened, and we evolved as a team as we talked.  We ended the night (much to my neighbor’s dismay) singing as I played guitar in the kitchen.  It brought me back to a night last year when the leaders were at my house, and they were all gathered around my kitchen island sharing stories similar to our calling stories.  Tears and laughter and honesty flowed that night.  

Capturing a moment … good or bad … and grasping the emotion and becoming more aware/alive/conscious … makes us better people. The universe grants us opportunities to grow and evolve.  God gives us challenges to both make ourselves better and for us to practice grace.  

Practice grace.  Share stories.  Evolve.  

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