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September 23, 2019

I did this new bike trail in Des Moines recently.  I got hopelessly lost.  I was also sweating so much I thought I was going to be sick and potentially fall over.  I told a friend that I am at a crossroads with my physical fitness.  I can be fat and happy or I can challenge myself to go to higher levels of fitness.  (After reading that I think I know the answer).  Fat and happy is status quo, and this is the place where eating and drinking is allowed and my exercise burns off the calories.  Going to that next level requires me to be conscious about my food selections and not drink beer (or craft beer at least).  And this bites.  Ugh! (But the chances that I will pass out on my bicycle are lower because I am more physically fit.)

Crossroads are a real thing.* I appreciate the universe giving me a choice, but I need direction.  A lot of times I am forced with the choice of speaking up or being quiet and passive in a meeting. Sometimes my comments don’t have the same reaction or result as I intended and being quiet is the right choice.  As I mature and evolve, I realize that allowing grace through other means (shutting up) sometimes helps situations right themselves … naturally.  Meaning – my voice and need to interject my opinion isn’t always the best means to an end.  (This makes my ego hurt.)

In business as well, success comes in a variety of colors.  Sometimes it’s all about financial success, other times, its quality or service.  It’s hard to define.  It depends a lot on how you choose to see the world.  Sometimes when we come to the crossroads (financial success at the cost of patient or employee engagement) – the decision is hard and it’s picking what hurts less.  Giving up beer and Doritos to be more fit?  (ouch)  Cutting expenses to the bone to produce a 3% margin? (… ouch)

To be deliberate and conscious and educated about our path is how grace enters the equation.  As I move forward, my prayer is to make decisions that help the most and hurt the least. 

*Yogi Berra - “when you come to a fork in the road, take it!”

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