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Notes from Steve

September 6, 2021

I have menu envy really bad (wishing I would have ordered what the person at the next table got, every time I go to a restaurant).  I now have it for everything I buy.  I just got a new couch and chair for my living room.  I ordered from an online store.  It is beautiful … but so uncomfortable.  Like cement.  My new couch is like cement.  It’s like ordering a pretty plate of food that is plastic.  My cat is very unhappy with me.  I wish I would have gotten the other couch from the other place.

Expectations and results.  We had a tag line here at Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics for years that read “consistently exceeding your expectations”.  One of our wise, sage pillars (Dr. Whitters) asked “what happens when you can’t exceed anymore?”   Yes, good question of which I have no answer if we are operating in only their parameters of what is acceptable.  I think that instead of just filling wishes and desires of the patient or customer, who is working with their own sphere of expectations, we should try and expand their world of possibilities.  


The only way I expand my life is by trying new things.  And then I need to have patience.  I need to allow for new tastes, smells, or activities, and understand that my boundaries on “acceptability” are mine to own and fences are made to be moved.  Same with Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics.  The way we do business is always evolving and changing, and the only way we are going to stay in front is to be flexible.  So, if we can’t do any more for our customers (make the bed softer or the ice less cold) then perhaps we move the fence.  

Moving a fence into new territory is scary.  Dropping our protective shields of “what we know and like” is scary.  But … if we want to learn, grow and be successful -- the only way is to embrace the unknown.  

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