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September 13, 2021

The 20th year anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy is upon us.  I, as most, remember exactly where I was and the helplessness and horror I felt.  The next year on 9-11 was my mom’s funeral.  Over the years, it feels like this time of year is poignant and full of weird emotions for me.  Jordan said I was a little off … and it took a couple of minutes to realize that this is what was brewing in me.  

Trauma is real and long lasting.  I was reading some posts by friends on Facebook last night, and they were saying the emotions of 20 years ago still ring true today.  I wonder how this point in history - the pandemic - will affect all of us 20 years from now.

A lot of times when dealing with different traumatic situations - people feel the need to impart their “wisdoms”.  “Move on” or “God only gives us what we can handle” or “it was meant to be” or “they’re in a better place” … phrases that are offered to comfort, but sometimes words hurt.  

As we move away from now - I think (at least for me) I will be deeper in my convictions and perspectives.  Politically, wellness thoughts, perspectives on engagement (professionally and personally), what I take for granted -- everything will look different.  My advice would be to allow your inner self time and space to deal with situations fully and completely.  As well, allow for others to deal in their own way.  We all don’t heal in the exact same way.  (When in doubt as to what to say; say less.)

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