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Notes from Steve

September 5, 2022

I seriously can’t believe summer is over.  I really had a great summer, and I look back on it with minimal regrets - rides that didn’t take, places I didn’t go … But overall, it was a success in my mind.  Ragbrai was beautiful; I got in a lot of miles both by myself and with friends, and the summer was topped off with a fantastic party for ISH in my backyard.  Time flies - a saying that we all know and repeat often.  However, the truth behind it is scary - if we don’t take advantage and appreciate every moment possible, we will regret it hugely in the end.

A lot of my rounding discussions and general discussions revolve around growth - both professionally and personally.  Are you seeking out ways to move up your ladder - better person, better parent, better at living life??  Hobbies are important, travel is important, pushing yourself to have more fun/money/education/knowledge - it is all so essential to being the best you can be. 

As an organization- we strive to operate with no regrets.  We look for opportunities to grow and expand, and we try to listen. We listen to you all, we listen to our customers and our partners (payors, suppliers, associations) to find all the ways to grow and expand and be better.  I want this for you.  I want you to take advantage of as much as possible in this life.  Don’t live vicariously (through others) for your entertainment - do it yourself*.  Be the character of your own adventure book/movie/whatever.  We have a lot of ability to help you become better (healthier, scholarships, different jobs) - if you dream it, do it.

*(example - I don’t like concerts.  I want to be on stage doing the music.)

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