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August 23, 2021

Someone once told me that all crickets have worms inside them.  I believe this unconditionally.  And because of this “truth”, crickets occupy a special place in hell in my mind.  (Supposedly, there is someplace in Iowa that sells them to eat -- supposedly they are crunchy and … tasty …)  This part of the year, it’s cricket central in my house and on my patio.  My sister’s 14 year old dog rolled in the aftermath of a squished cricket the other night …. long, deep sigh.  

We are all having to deal with our own version of hell right now.  For some, it’s crickets.  For others, it’s the pandemic … or masking or war or finances … something.  A friend of mine had deep anxiety about going to a family event with her ex and his family in attendance.  She built it up and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t meet her negative expectations.  She said “all in all, it wasn’t too bad.”  

I used to focus a lot on expectations.  I would say negative expectations can only produce a positive “it wasn’t so bad” outcome while being wildly optimistic will only cause disappointment.  I think somewhere in the middle is probably best.   Hope and grace will get you far in life.  (as in -- I hope there won’t be crickets in my house, but if there are I will gracefully vacuum them up and deal with them later.)

Anxiety through fear (false events appearing real) will only age you or give you a heart attack.  Chillax -- life is way too short to be negative about the future.  

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